Exploring ASSAM: Places to Visit

Assam is a beautiful place to visit which gets you wondering by catching the eyes of nature lovers and people who love adventure. This North Eastern State flaunts the natural beauty and its ever so delightful culture. There is best tourist place in Assam for you to explore and visit. Along with places, you can explore the tribal traditions, sprawl tea gardens, the riverine islands, the Satras, abundant wildlife, Bihu dance, mesmerizing cuisine, majestic Brahmaputra, and most importantly gorgeous people are the true identity of this amazing destination called Assam.

Exploring ASSAM: Places to Visit


The best tourist place in Assam India is Guwahati which is the largest cosmopolitan city in the North East and is referred to as ‘Gateway to North East India’. Guwahati is blessed with the best natural views and it snuggles the Brahmaputra and touches the Shillong Plateau. The natural beauty of Guwahati is worth witnessing especially for nature lovers. Guwahati is in center of many alluring tourist destinations in Assam like Bamuni Lake, Umananda Temple, Kaziranga National Park and Kamakhya Temple. It is advisable for all the tourists to visit all these amazing places. After Guwahati, the best tourist place in Assam is Sualkuchi which is famous for the handlooms.


Handloom lovers can find the best handloom work at the best tourist place in Assam named as Sualkuchi. This destination is situated about 35 kilometers from Guwahati. For your information, Sualkuchi is the pride of Assam. It is advisable for all the handloom lovers to visit this beautiful place as visiting Sualkuchi will give you an electric experience. Here at each house, you will find traditional bamboo looms. Sualkuchi is also known for silk weaving and making of some beautiful MekhlaChadars, traditional and beautiful women attire, saris, shawls, and a simple traditional life can be witnessed.

Exploring ASSAM: Places to Visit


Another tourist place in Assam India is Hajo where you can find sheer divinity. This is another best tourist place in Assam which is situated at a distance of around 24 kilometers from Guwahati. Hajo is also known as the Pilgrimage city of Assam which is indeed dotted with a number of famous Hindu Temples. You can visit this best place in Assam India to taste the different flavors of utmost spirituality. You have a variety of Hindu Temples to choose from and along with the Hindu Temples, Muslims can also visit Hajo to pay homage at Powa Mecca. No matter if you believe in religion or not, Hajo will be a lovely place to visit the Assam and Hajo is a place which can change your perspective towards spirituality.


Dibrugarh is another tourist place in Assam India which is the Tea City of Assam and is situated in the Upper West region of Assam. This place is the tea trading center which has quite a charmer all through the years. Dibrugarh is one of the best Assams places to visit as it offers the opportunity for attractive adventure activities including trekking, camping, and mountaineering. It is advisable for all to visit this place for a never forgettable adventurous experience.

North Cachar Hills:

Another best tourist place in Assam is the North Cachar Hills where you will find divine peace. This place is far from the city crowd and is situated in the pristine lap of nature. North Cachar Hills is the best sightseeing places in Assam which include places named, Kuki, Dimasa, Zeme, Hrangkhol, Biate, and Hmar. This place has mesmerizing streams, beautiful waterfalls and exotic chain of green mountains which will altogether have an enigmatic power to leave one spellbound with its beauty.

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